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Safco Support Foundation (SSF) is a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) licensed to carry out Investment Finance Services as NBFC by SECP under NBFC rules & regulations, 2015. It is registered under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984, established in May 2009.

SSF originates from Sindh Agricultural and Forestry Workers Coordinating Organization (SAFWCO) which is a NGO established in 1986 and registered in 1993 under the Societies Act XXI of 1860. After 36 years of delivering social development services and financial access to destitute of rural Sindh through integrated development approach, the Board of SAFWCO realized that immense technological and economic development has changed the scope of financial services where now SSF is serving as public company as specialized microfinance institution (MFI).

In the last nine years, SSF restructured itself to demonstrate how blend of service delivery and advocacy can help the organization become financially sustainable at operational level. Having completed years of development collaboration with client communities and public sector organization, SSF is looking towards building the micro finance operations into a banking system for the people in coming years. SSF is providing services in rural and urban areas of Sindh province/state of Pakistan and is currently operational with 58 branches in Teweleve (11) districts of Sindh province/state of Pakistan. As we do this, the ripple effect will be the growth of economic generating activities in terms of knowledge, quality produce and tangible wealth. The products we offer will enable our client to improve their status in life. We aim at the productivity of the client to enable them achieve their full potential which has hitherto been elusive due to the perceived risky nature of providing financial services to the Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises sector and agricultural sector. We achieve this by emphasizing the immense benefits of empowering the client through a discipline of consistent and deliberate savings to achieve both short term and long term goals.