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About the company

SAFCO Microfinance Company (Private) Limited (“SMCL”) is newly established “Non-Banking Microfinance Company” under section 16 of the companies Act, 2017 (XIX of 2017) limited by shares, a wholly owned subsidiary of SAFCO Support Foundation (“SSF”) as a holding company and one of the leading microfinance institution, later is engaged in microfinance business under section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017 that has been incorporated as For-Profit Private Company and received NBFC license. SMCL works as entity for benefits of its shareholders and among others, the Company is able to pay dividends to its shareholders, offering multiple avenues for new local and foreign investments and leverage the competitive interest rates from lenders to expand its operating and financial outreach.

SMCL has been commenced in business from 1st August, 2022 and started its operations by takeover on transformed assets & liabilities its holding company’s (“SSF”) microfinance program. SSF was operating since 2009 having footprint across the whole of Sindh Province with a network of 57 branches providing microfinance services to more than 700,000 unbanked and low-income entrepreneurs, out of them 59% are women entrepreneurs and 80% of them are rural small holder farmers. 

Corporate Unique  Number:
NBFC License Number:
NTN Number:
Company Registration Date:
27th January 2022
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What We do

The existing business framework of SAFCO Support Foundation-SSF* has been transformed to SAFCO Microfinance Company to carry out as a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) licensed by SECP under NBFC rules & regulations, 2015.

*SSF was spin off & incorporated in 2009 from Sindh Agricultural & Forestry Workers Coordinating OrganizationSAFWCO* and registered with SECP under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984. In 2016, SSF obtained approval of Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to operate as Non-Banking Microfinance Company (NBMFC). Over the years SSF has emerged as a leading institute delivering a range of financial products to millions of people in Pakistan.

*SAFWCO: The institute was established in the late 1980s as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) by Mr. Suleman G. Abro and his few friends in response to the efforts of the implementation of the formers movement of Sindh in 1986. Illustrated originate history of SMC is as under;

For over 30 years we have remained true to our mandate and we have over 1million customers who have benefited from our offerings. 

Company Legal Status:

A for-profit NBFC incorporated under Section 16 Companies Act, 2017 (XIX of 2017) and that company is limited by shares. 

Company Auditor


Syed Sajjad Ali Shah
Managing Director

He is an enlightened professional with experience of multiple level managerial positions, started his career as a Management Trainee. Within a few years of his professional career he achieved many successes and currently leading the team as Managing Director. Mr. Shah possesses more than 16 years of experience with a profound background of serving in financial institutions in private sector where he successfully implemented various projects. Mr. Shah is also elected as Member Board of Pakistan Microfinance Network. He continues contributing and leading the industry towards a sustainable microfinance sector. He has extensive experience in business development, operational and strategic management, monitoring and evaluation, internal controls, governance improvement, human and institutional development, leadership development, and relationship management with national organizations.

Bashir Ahmed
Head of Business

He has been serving as Head of Business Operations at Safco Support Foundation since the last 11 years and leading the microfinance business by looking overall operational network. He is managing SAFCO microfinance portfolio with remarkable expansion and growth. He has been involved in various strategic planning and execution assignments in key sectors i.e. community mobilizations, training and development, Financial Inclusion and Risk Management. He has played the key leadership role in implementing the DFS with in Safco Support Foundation which has resulted in tremendous growth and major contribution towards financial inclusion in microfinance industry.

Rameez Memon
Chief Risk Officer

He is a professional with 11 years of expertise in compliance functions, risk management, policy development, AML/CFT compliance and strategic planning. He possesses advanced knowledge of regulatory compliance with proven track record of partnering with executives and business leaders to identify vulnerabilities and create corrective actions. His collaborative and team-oriented personality with excellent communication and interpersonal skills helps build strategic partnerships and promote institution’s reputation.

Aleena Iftikhar
Chief Financial Officer

She is expert in the field of accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, fund management, and monitoring and evaluation of all financial transactions. She is privileged to attend several trainings and workshops on Project Management, Financial Management, Knowledge Management and Social Development, Participatory Development, Social Mobilization, Credit Assessment, and Delinquency Management with 13 years of experience in the microfinance sector.

Naveed Memon
Chief Technology Officer

He is MSc in Computer Science, MBA Finance and also possesses professional networking certification of CCNA. He is a seasoned IT professional with 14 years of working experience. At SAFCO, he has supervised different IT projects and carried out system developments from inception to execution, strategically allocating resources and delegating tasks to achieve on-time and on-budget delivery of the projects. He has played a vital role in designing and implementing the technological shift change in SAFCO by implementing the DFS solutions.

Syed Zulifqar Ali
Head of Internal Audit

He is engaged with SAFCO for 10 years in the financial inclusion, internal controls, compliance, quality assurance and auditing. He has remained associated in developing policies and procedures of the institution. He has a strong management background of social and financial institutions and has worked in multiple projects of SAFCO. He is a Certified Forensic & Audit Analyst (CFrA), Certified Internal Control Auditor (CICA), IMFD with master’s degree in MBA specialized in finance and BS specialized in mathematics.

Harish Kumar
Head of Human Resource

He has great expertise in designing HR Policy & Procedures, and managing HR functions including planning, organizing, directing and controlling. He has a very well understanding of Labor Laws being implemented in Pakistan and their incorporation in organization systems for regulatory compliance. He has 14 years of working experience with SAFCO in the field of Human Resources contributing to the best HR practices and advancements and staff capacity building planning and monitoring.

Shabana Mallah
Manager Training

She is one of the most experienced employee of SAFCO and has worked in different positions. She has a Master’s degree in Sociology and currently serving in the Human Resource Department as Manager Training & Development. She has very good verbal communication and presentation skills and is responsible for identifying the training needs of the organization, designing, planning, and implementing the training programs, policies and procedures. She also conducts follow-up studies of all completed training to evaluate and measure results and modifies the programs as needed.

Habibullah Khilji
Zonal Manager (North)

He has a 10 years of microfinance experience both in retail & wholesale business in the microfinance sector in different organizations. He has started his journey at SAFCO as a Field Enumerator with different poverty assessment surveys. Currently, He is serving SAFCO with expertise to direct & supervise the implementation of microfinance program activities at the sector level and provide leadership to operational staff.

Mir Asad Talpur
Zonal Manager (South)

He is 17 years proven experienced proficient, self-directed, Forward-thinking and ambitious Sr. Management professional having ability to drive Profitable Growth through enterprise initiatives, innovation, influence and operations, managing and supervising large teams and branch network. He possesses the professional experience at senior management level in microfinance institutions and banks. He is serving SAFCO with the expertise in the Business Operations since last 3 years.

Arsala Anjum
Manager Compliance

She is an experienced microfinance executive, has worked in diverse cross functions roles for over 12 years in financial management, credit risk management, policy & procedure development, and credit portfolio analysis. She is Masters in Economics and has 10 years of working experience with SAFCO Support Foundation, currently working as Manager Credit Risk. She has excellent analytical, communication, and presentation skills that helps her manage the overall credit risk of the institute as well as oversees the preparation of credit risk dashboard and performance reports for management. She is also responsible to ensure compliance of the credit policy of the institution.