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Agriculture Development #2 #2

Agriculture Loan

Agriculture Loan

Description: These loans are offered to small cultivators through the Credit Group (CO) . SFL loans are highly seasonal and linked with the wheat, cotton, sugarcane and rice crops harvest. During disbursement and collection of these loans a high percentage of the rural community at targeted districts is involved in planting and harvesting these cash crops. SSF field teams mobilize the local community and organize them in to groups for speedy disbursement and collection. Groups are evaluated on their level of attendance in their fortnightly meetings, attitude, repayment history and contributions to the group saving accounts. A quick loan appraisal is undertaken per borrower, assessing basic income and expenses at each household level.

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Age 18-60, should have a CNIC, permanent resident of the locality, independent head of household, land holding less than 15 acre.

Rs.20,000 to 200,000

Financial Income : 23%

Emergency Fund : 1%

1 to 6 months

Group guarantee

To Group & individual